First Sightings

This page shows the first confirmed sighting of butterflies in Somerset sent to the County Recorder.

If you think you have seen a butterfly which could be a first sighting of that species for the current year, please send your record with the species name, date seen, site name/location and grid reference (1 km) to:

 2019 Sightings

 Last updated: 15th February


 1st Sighting date

 Small Skipper  
 Essex Skipper  
 Large Skipper  
 Dingy Skipper  
 Grizzled Skipper  
 Wood White  
 Clouded Yellow  


 February 14th, Silk Mills, Taunton, ST21 25
 Large White  
 Small White  
 Green-veined White  
 Orange Tip  
 Green Hairstreak  
 Brown Hairstreak  
 Purple Hairstreak  
 White-letter Hairstreak  
 Small Copper  
 Small Blue  
 Brown Argus  
 Common Blue  
 Chalk-hill Blue  
 Adonis Blue  
 Holly Blue  
 Large Blue  
 Duke of Burgundy  
 White Admiral  

 Red Admiral

 February 4th, Taunton, ST21 24

 Painted Lady  

 Small Tortoiseshell

 January 9th, Ham Wall, ST45 39


 January 10th, Ham Wall, ST45 39

 Unconfirmed report on Twitter: January 1st 


 February 15th, Silk Mills, Taunton, ST21 25
 Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary


 Dark Green Fritillary  
 Silver-washed Fritillary  
 Marsh Fritillary  
 Glanville Fritillary  
 Heath Fritillary  
 Speckled Wood  
 Marbled White  
 Meadow Brown  
 Small Heath