First Sightings

This page shows the first confirmed sighting of butterflies in Somerset sent to the County Recorder.

If you think you have seen a butterfly which could be a first sighting of that species for the current year, please send your record with species name, date seen, site name and grid reference to:

2018 Sightings          
 Species 1st Sighting date
 Small Skipper 4th June - SS8948 - Bossington
 Essex Skipper 12th June - ST2444 - Steart WWF N.R.
 Large Skipper 23rd May - ST7661 - Tucking mill
 Dingy Skipper 5th May - ST4931 & ST4354
 Grizzled Skipper 21st April - ST4254 - Shute Shelve Hill 
 Wood White  
 Clouded Yellow 15th May - ST0143 - Blue Anchor
 Brimstone 10th January - ST3413 - Donyatt Halt
 Large White 14th April - ST4675,Cary Moor & Wookey
 Small White 25th March- ST427547 - Axbridge
 Green-veined White 14th April - ST1220 - Wellington 
 Orange Tip 5th April - Shapwick Heath 
 Green Hairstreak 20th April- Walton Common 
 Brown Hairstreak  
 Purple Hairstreak  
 White-letter Hairstreak  
 Small Copper 13th May - ST2444 - Steart Marshes
 Small Blue 19th May - ST3158 - Uphill
 Brown Argus 13th May - ST4354 & ST3955
 Common Blue 13th May - ST4354 & ST3955
 Chalk-hill Blue  
 Adonis Blue  
 Holly Blue 18th April - Combwich
 Large Blue 3rd June - Green Down - ST5128
 Duke of Burgundy 7th May - ST1817 - Buckland Wood
 White Admiral 12th June - ST4240 - Shapwick
 Red Admiral 10th January - ST4458 - Doleberry Warren
 Painted Lady 21st April - ST5363 - Winford
 Small Tortoiseshell 11th January - ST7747 - Frome
 Peacock 11th January - SS9034 - Winsford
 Comma 11th January - ST2725 - Creech St. Michael
Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary

20th May - ST4355 - Fry's Hill

 Dark Green Fritillary 10th June - SS8947 - Bossington
Silver-washed Fritillary  
 Marsh Fritillary 22nd May - Langford Heathfield - ST1023
 Glanville Fritillary  
 Heath Fritillary 20th May - Exmoor
 Speckled Wood 6th April - Milverton  -  ST1225
 Wall 27th April - Steart - ST2745
 Marbled White 10th June - Green Down - ST5128
 Meadow Brown 17th May - ST6748 - Edford Meadow
 Small Heath 13th May - ST4354 - Fry's Hill
 Ringlet 10th June - Green Down - ST5128