Butterfly Conservation runs a number of major, long-term projects nationally designed to maintain or restore populations of rare species. T

he approach varies with the need but they all have several features in common:

  • they are based on sound knowledge of the requirements of the target species,
  • they are run by full-time professional staff,
  • they operate over large areas of land, 
  • they involve other conservation organisations and landowners, and
  • their results are carefully monitored. 


It goes without saying that such project are expensive and raising the funds to commence and maintain them is a major task in itself. We are fortunate to have recently one of these big projects in Somerset. 'All the Moor Butterflies' worked on scarce species on Exmoor, Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor. '

With a different theme; of engaging the interest of children and the general public, Munching Caterpillar comes to Bristol' is a follow-up to the successful pilot run a few years ago in rural Somerset & Dorset. 

Details of both projects are in the the drop-down pages.