The Arion - The Branch Magazine

The Arion, edited by Sue Davis, is the principal way that we keep in touch with each other, as it is written and illustrated almost entirely by Branch members.

It reports the formal business of the Branch Committee, the proceedings of the AGM and our financial position. It reports on the Large Blue Project in the Polden Hills and the Two Moor project on Exmoor and Dartmoor. It discusses our butterfly reserves, the changes in status of all our butterflies, common and rare, and their conservation needs.

It also carries a lot of more light-hearted pieces and a remarkable amount of top-class photography of butterflies and moths not just in Somerset but world-wide, as we seem to be a well-travelled lot as well as adept with cameras.

Sue herself does a mean line in deceptively tricky photo quizzes of butterflies that we think we know well and moths that most of us certainly don't. 

All members may receive it as a pdf by email and this has the advantages that the Branch saves on postage and you receive a copy that is in full-colour throughout.

Although dozens of us contribute to it, Sue is always looking for new material, including that one perfect photo that will be just right for the next cover. Let's see what you can do!

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