Records are entertaining to keep, interesting to look back on and they help conservation enormously. If we don’t know how species are doing, what is thriving and what isn’t, we cannot hope to halt and reverse declines.

In this section we explain how to record your sightings, how to get help with identification and how to become involved with surveys and monitoring.

There is useful app available for Apple & Android smart phones that helps you identify and easily record your sightings. (Click here for more information about the iRecord app)

You could record all your records for sites you visit on a Casual Records form and send them in by email to the County Recorder at the end of the season.  

If you see a butterfly you can’t identify, try to get a photo and then go to the helpful guide at the main Butterfly Conservation website or go to our Facebook Group or Twitter page. Somebody will be able to tell you what it is.