Reserve News

November 2019 (Reported at the AGM)

Stoke Camp

We have finally managed to get summer grazing and a partial hay cut on the part of the site that has become dominated by rank grasses and we hope that we will be able to continue this and improve its value for butterflies.

Small Blue numbers were down slightly but there was a second brood.


Westbury Beacon

We still don't have a permanent water supply at Westbury Beacon but a contractor is now being appointed to reroof the shed so that rainwater can be gathered from it and until that is done the grazier will use a bowser so that he can run sheep on it through this winter.

Disappointingly, the downward trend in Chalkhill Blue numbers continues.


Haddon Moor

Exmoor ponies had continued to graze Haddon Moor but scrub growth will need attention this winter.

Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary numbers were apparently down.


Mount Fancy Farm

There was little to report from Mount Fancy Farm where we still seek a Voluntary Warden though some management work had taken place.