Past Years

2019 sightings

This page shows the first confirmed sighting of butterflies in Somerset sent to the County Recorder.

 2019 Sightings

 Last updated: 27th August


 1st Sighting date

 Small Skipper

 May 27, Crook Peak, ST39 55

 Essex Skipper

 June 27th, Shute Shelve, ST42 73

 Large Skipper

 May 21, Long Wood, ST50 30

 Dingy Skipper

 April 18th, Crook Peak, ST39 55

 Grizzled Skipper

 April 7th, Axbridge, ST43 54
 Wood White  

 Clouded Yellow

 May 14th, Kingswood Warren, ST74 35


 February 14th, Silk Mills, Taunton, ST21 25

 Large White

 February 23rd, Combe St Nicholas, ST30 11

 Small White

 February 27th, Creech St Michael, ST28 25

 Green-veined White

 March 23rd, Charlynch, ST23 38

 Orange Tip

 March 24th, Axbridge, ST43 55 & Combe Hay,   ST74 60

 Green Hairstreak

 April 1st, Hatch Hill, ST49 34

 Brown Hairstreak

 July 31st, Netherclay LNR, ST20 25

 Purple Hairstreak

 June 27, Lord's Wood, ST63 63

 White-letter Hairstreak

 June 23rd, Clifton Down, ST5674
 Small Copper

 April 1st, Stone Allerton (Twitter report)

 Small Blue

 May 15th, Stoke Camp, ST48 51

 Brown Argus

 April 19th, Crook Peak, ST39 55

 Common Blue

 April 18th, Church Hill and Wain's Hill, ST39 70

 Chalk-hill Blue

 July 13th, Draycott Sleights, ST48 51

 Adonis Blue

 August 13th, Bannerdown Common, ST78 68

 Holly Blue

 March 24th, Bridgwater

 Large Blue

 June 5th, Green Down, ST51 28

 Silver-studded Blue

 July 4th, Collard Hill, ST48 34

 Geranium Bronze

 July 28th, Weston-super-Mare

 Purple Emperor


 White Admiral

 June 17th, Shapwick Heath, ST42 40

 Red Admiral

 January 1st, Bridgwater, ST30 37

 Painted Lady

 February 21st, Silk Mills, Taunton, ST21 25

 Small Tortoiseshell

 January 9th, Ham Wall, ST45 39


 January 10th, Ham Wall, ST45 39

Unconfirmed report on Twitter: January 1st 


 February 15th, Silk Mills, Taunton, ST21 25

 Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary

 May 18th, Axbridge, ST43 55

 Dark Green Fritillary

 May 31st, Bossington, SS89 48

 Silver-washed Fritillary

 June 19th, Walton Common ST43 73

 Marsh Fritillary

 May 15th, Carymoor, ST61 31

 Heath Fritillary

 May 20th, Exmoor, SS8545


 August 4th, Yeovil, ST54 14
 Duke of Burgundy  
 Speckled Wood

 March 21st, Combwich, ST25 42


 April 12th, Combwich, ST25 42

 Marbled White

 May 30th, Green Down, ST51 28


 July 5th, Crook Peak, ST39 55


 June 6th, Crook Peak, ST39 55

 Meadow Brown

 May 25th, Ham Wall, ST44 39 and Walton Common ST42 73

 Small Heath

 April 20th, Green Down ST51 21


 June 1st, Redding Pit Quarry, ST53 63